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No one wants to be charged with a crime. And when it’s a crime like theft (larceny), jail time isn’t the only potential consequence. Such a charge can taint your reputation and even put your job on the line. Whether you admit your wrongdoing and want to deal with it in the quietest way possible, or if you are innocent of the accusations being levied against you, we may be able to help.

We often think of theft as stealing from a retail establishment. And while shoplifting is a common theft/larceny charge, it isn’t the only one. You can also be charged with theft for stealing from a neighbor, failing to return something on a predetermined date, or even finding something of value and not doing anything to return it to its rightful owner.

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When charged with a crime like this, it’s easy to feel guilty and embarrassed. But feeling bad about the situation doesn’t help make it go away. Discussing your case with an attorney is a step in the right direction.

NY Larceny Laws – Charge Classifications

The seriousness of the charge against you is directly related to the value of the items you are accused of stealing. This chart displays how you might be charged and the potential larceny penalties under New York statutes:

Value Charge Classification
Less than $1,000 Petit Larceny A Misdemeanor
$1,001- $3,000 4th Degree Grand Larceny E Felony
$3,001- $50,000 3rd Degree Grand Larceny D Non-violent Felony
$50,001- $100,000 2nd Degree Grand Larceny C Non-violent felony
More than $100,000 1st Degree Grand Larceny B Non-violent felony

  Ref: NY State Law 155.25-155.42

The sentence you face for charges of this nature wholly depend on the facts of your case and your criminal history. Obviously if you have a history of theft convictions, your sentence will be far more severe than someone who is charged with their first criminal offense.

Being accused of a theft crime is not the same as being convicted. In other words: you still have options. Working directly with an experienced criminal defense attorney will help you understand just what can be done to minimize the impact of these charges on your life.

Sometimes a plea agreement is in your best interests, agreeing to admit wrongdoing in exchange for a more lenient sentence. But if you maintain your innocence, you may prefer to go to trial. By talking about your case with your attorney you can better see what your chances of success at trial are and if the risk is worth it.

No two cases are the same and each one deserves personalized attention and treatment. If you are charged with a New York theft crime, contact our offices today for a free initial consultation on your case.