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Facebook Threat Leads to Felony Charges

Interesting story on an NPR radio show about how a threat to an Apple Store employee via Facebook resulted in felony criminal charges.

This story was on the radio show This American Life about a man who was charged with terroristic threats in New York. He made a threat via a facebook post as quoted from the movie Fight Club.

According to the story, it is most likely that someone from his facebook friend list reported it, which resulted in a knock on his door from the police, and a multi-year oddessy in the New York State Criminal Courts.

It is an interesting story, worth checking out.

And given that we know that the New York City Police have a unit dedicated to monitoring Facebook and twitter, these incidents simple won’t be as rare as you would think.

It is a fact that your social media comments and anything you post on the internet can and will be used against you in a criminal court. Whether it is out of context or not, if you are accused of threatening, harassing, or stalking someone, you can expect this to be a problem.


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