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NY Health Department Regulation Will Ban Synthetic Drugs

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week that law enforcement agents in New York will have a new tool at their fingertips—a state Health Department regulation that bans the sale, distribution, and possession of synthetic drugs.

The federal government just last month banned synthetic or “designer” drugs like bath salts and fake marijuana, but states are still finding ways to penalize “offenders” at the local and state levels too.

This regulation will make designer drug violations punishable by up to 15 days in jail, a fine, and even the shuttering of a business. Yes, if you own a convenience store or “head shop” that offers these substances, the state could shut you down.

Cuomo also announced a hotline that will allow citizens to report stores that have the drugs for sale. They are hoping that people who have been affected by the over-hyped stories linked to bath salts and synthetic drugs will be scared enough to tell on others within the community.

And if you don’t know about all of the risks of these synthetic drugs, the Health Department will be launching an online campaign to be certain that no one is ignorant to them.

Cuomo says the state regulation is going after the little guys in the synthetic drug trade, and that the federal ban (which carries up to 20 years in prison) can target the “kingpins”.

It makes sense that anything made in a lab and made with a chemical soup would have unhealthy effects—just ask the processed food industry. There is no argument that these synthetic drugs are not safe. But the efforts to ban them, punish the users, and close down businesses are largely political moves to further expand and give fuel to the failed War on Drugs.

Bath salts and synthetic marijuana can cause hallucinations, seizures, medical problems and disturbing violent thoughts. They will not, however, turn you into a zombie. But if you’ve watched the news within the past several months, that is what you’re led to believe.

Many proponents of marijuana legalization say (correctly) that if pot was legalized, these “fake” pots wouldn’t be necessary, that people could get the mellow, nonviolent and harmless high without running the risks associated with ingesting chemicals. But, the federal government continues to plug their ears and march on.


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